WARD holding trophy presented to him when he was installed as president of I.I.S.A............February, 1976


A correction please. Just so the history is correct. I was not a sideshow manager at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus World Park in Florida.  C M Christ  and I owned the sideshow that we provided there under contract.


Our show was there in late 1975 when the first expansion was opened. Our contract was for a year. It was extended into the second year, after which they did the show in house and at that time John Strong was hired as sword swallower and sideshow performance director (manager). When we were contracted to provide the independent sideshow, a major Toy Co starting their involvement, which ended up a disaster due to their meddling.


If the plans and ideas for the park that were Irvin Felds concept had been carried out, I think it not only would still be in business today but would be bigger and better than other well known parks.. Milt Robbins was the manager of the Hall and Christ sideshow at the park in 1975

Ward Hall



Chris Christ and Ward Hall

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