The Little Lady in the Wheelchair


The blow off attraction (an act for which an extra admission is charged) was Dolly Reagen, from Saskatoon Sask. Canada. 
She was discovered at her hometown fair selling raffle tickets for a local charity. She joined the sideshow "For a Life of Adventure". Born with a rare bone disease causing* calcifying of the bones, she became an ossified woman, her head, right arm. and hand can move, while she is otherwise totally rigid. If dropped on the floor . her body would shatter. At the time of our firs: association she was married to "Pappy"
Reagen, a juggler. Becoming friends in 1946, Dolly has now worked on our show since 1972. We have been and remain good friends these many years. As this is written, Dolly is still working on our show.
Dolly requires someone to care for her needs since she has no mobility. She had an active sex life, having been married and three times widowed.
She gets around well in an electric wheelchair. Dolly loved horse races. On one occasion attending the horse races at a fair where she was appearing, she became so enthusiastic urging her favorite on, she followed the horses to the finish Une on the outside of the fence as fast as her chair would go.
When the announcer announced the winners he added "And coming in last on the outside, the little lady in the wheelchair".

Photograph, Dolly Reagan, Dick Brisban


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