Seeing Laszlo's "Hell' Belle" reminded me of seeing my first Rag Front Hells Belles show at the Genesse County Fair Near Flint Michigan in 1979, Beautiful Front and Top,  inside there was a wells cargo trailer for the stage, on the right was a separate stage for the Blade Box and they had the Blowoff Headless in the rear of the Wells Cargo, one paid a dollar to walk behind the curtain, All the Broad...s were Good looking big busted College types outfitted in Fluorescent bikinis...


I was workin the Circus so after the last show I would hustle down to the Hells Belle show where they would be grinding w/ a tape and a Sexy Gal on the bally wearing a Grim reaper robe holding a large could not see her Face or hands, as she was sitting on a chair she had the robe pulled up so you could see two long gorgeous legs crossed wear black pumps...Needless to say I saw the show every night!


Ward had told me it was Dick Bests, others have said it was Pete Hennens, wish I had a camera and had taken pictures, However it is etched in my mind forever in fact, the BCS (My Bannerline) was inspired by that memory/ Image.


...Also while playing that Fair I wrestled Gorgeous George JR's Victor the Wrestling Bear, being a High School wrestler myself @ the Time, I balked at Gorgeous proclaiming Victor knew over 32 Collegiate an High School wrestling holds...I signed the release, entered the Ring and held my own for about 2 minutes, when Gorgeous saw I was tiring he announced "VICTOR Its SUPPERTIME!!!" and Victor promptly pinned me with a 1/2 Nelson!!!...


At 17 traveling on a Circus as a Rousty and Novelty man, and with only a few weeks left before I was to Forcibly made to return for my senior Year of High School...The Genessee County Fair was one of the Highlights of my inaugural Season...


Jim Zajicek


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