Mysterious Wonder Mouse



Here's the mouse pitch the way that I've done it for over 25 years.

Words in < > are the actions that you'll be making but not actually
saying.  Make all actions correspond with your patter, of course. The instructions in the package will show you how to do most everything. Of course, the wire is attached to the wax (which is blackened with soot or a burned match, and, stuck to the mouse) on one end, and, about six inches away, to your lowest shirt button or (as I do) taped to a safety pin hidden under you belt. Tuck the mice into the top of you pants or wear a vest.   "I'm going to show you folks my favorite magic trick, but, I'm going to do this a little differently. First, I'm going to show you the trick and then I'm going to show you how it works! The trick is done with a little mouse, but, it's not a real mouse, it's a magic mouse! "If you put him on your hand you can make him go forward <have him run from hand to hand>, back up <hold hand at an angle and move back and forth>, turn right, and turn left. Would you like to see him roll over? Well, just watch and I'll have him roll over, run across one hand, and jump into the other!

"Now, I'm sure that you're wondering how I made the little mouse do all of that, so, I'll show you. If you look under the chin of the mouse,
you'll see a little black dot. That's the magician's secret gimmick. It's normally light tan in color so that you can hide it in the palm of your hand, but, I dyed this one black so that you all could see it a little better. I'll take it off and let you see how it works without the mouse. He's not going to go anywhere without it anyway! <let them see the wax "move" across your hand>

"I did this a little while ago and a young lady said 'I know what that
is! My dog has them!' No, it's not alive, and it's not a magnet, and
it's not some kind of a motor. Believe it or not, the little gimmick is
made out of wax and wire.

"There are lots of other tricks that you can do with the gimmick besides just the mouse. For example, put it on a coin and use that as part of your tip when you go out to eat. Ask the waitress to pick up the coin <quarter> before you leave, and, when she goes to reach for it, the money runs back to you! And, the waitress will usually run the other way! Don't tell her that I told you to do it! "Or, put the coin into a glass <use a small juice glass> and the coin will come right out of the glass into your hand! But please don't put the coin with the gimmick on it into a soda machine or a pay could get into a lot of trouble! In fact, you could go to jail! I've never been to jail myself........and I don't want to go back! "The last trick that I'm going to show you is with a pack of cigarettes. Of course, you kids shouldn't use cigarettes; just use a box of crayons instead. You adults do anything you want--you're grown! Put the gimmick on the bottom of the cigarette and put it back into the pack and whenever someone wants one, let the cigarette just rise out of the pack! They won't take it! Nobody wants to smoke anything that strong! "Now if you like the mouse and the other tricks that I did with the magician's gimmick <make the mouse "run" across your hand one last time before putting it away>, I do have some available. Well, heck, that's why I showed it to you! Each package comes with the mouse, the gimmick, and instructions for all the tricks that I just showed you. Now, I don't charge five or ten dollars for them like you might pay in a magic shop. No, I charge $29.95! I'm just kidding! Today, they're just $2.00 each and everything you need is in each package. Or, if you need more than one, I do have a special. You can get three for $5.00. That's like getting one of them for half price!  And, if you get three of them, I'll give you a male and two females so that you can raise your own! So, if you want one, or three, or more, just let me know and I'll be happy to wait on you! They all come with the good mousekeeping seal of approval--whatever that is--and it's so nice to have a mouse around the house!"

Obviously, you either move your hand or your belly or both to make the mouse, the coin, and the cigarette "move". The instructions tell your customers to use a thread from a lady's stocking after they learn to work the mouse with the wire. You should, too. Also, you should hold your hands higher than where the thread is attached to you to make it virtually impossible to be seen. Use thread from a good quality stocking. The ones from cheap panty hose break too easily. I always have two mice hooked up and if I do happen to break the thread, then, I can always put it back, out of sight, next to the other mouse, and, after talking for a few seconds, pull out the mouse that still has the thread attached and continue just like nothing happened. Of course, if you break the thread on the second one, just go into the close. If you want samples, send me $3.00 (which I'll deduct from your first order). If you just want a scan of the package, let me know and I'll try to get my teenage daughter to do it for me. She doesn't pitch mice and I don't get too involved with high tech.

I usually keep mice packaged in boxes of 500 or 1000. But, I will ship more or less. There is no minimum, but, please don't order so few that it wastes your shipping fees and my time packing and shipping them. I don't mind orders of just a couple of hundred for those of you who just want to try a pitch. The wholesale price of the Wonder Mouse is 30 cents each in any quantity.

This is the only magic pitch item that I have and the only one that I pitch. I do pitch other things and make a living doing so. Any questions, comments, complaints, or kudos are always welcome. May your tips (crowds) be large and easy to turn (to get to spend their money)!

John Bradshaw




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