Still another week-end (July 15-16 of rain.  Friday night (14) brought a large attendance to the open-air stand on Stillwell for the second round of Night of Stars.  Lester Wolff emseed and Morton Arkin's ork provided the music for street dancing.  Bess Myerson, a recent Miss America titleholder; Nina Louise Spanish, Charlotte Manson, the Pepsi-Cola Girl and Dick Brown, singer, were guests.  Miss Myerson was named Miss Coney Island.

Concessionaires on John Ward's property, covering both sides of Jones Walk from Surf to the Boardwalk, include souvenirs, Wilfred and Eva Long, with Rose Fortunato, and Grace Terra, helpers; horoscope picking birds, Manpei Yoshida; Pizza pies, Grace Diamond with Frank Rondazzo, assisting, 19 units of miniature Star Game tables, Jerome, Randolph and Richard Keller; balloon bust, John Bianco, William Simon, helper; 11 Frigidaire stands, William Murphy; tin-type photo gallery, Sam Sims, who also has another branch on the Boardwalk where his sister-in-law, Anna and son, Arnold are in charge; fishpond, Jimmie Santo, with Stewart Lyles, head salesman; bottle game, Fred Canfield, with Joey Battaglia and Abie Sheffield, ballmen; pony track, Jim McLaughlin, with James Carter, managerm


Anthony De Marco, former boss mechanic at Coney, heads the Marco Amusement Company, operating an arcade on Surf.  His son, Mickey and his wife, Millie assist him, with the latter in the cash booth . . . New tenants of Roc co R. Catalan, arcade owner at West 16th and Bowery are Stanley Faber, tattooer, and Al Levy and Fred Fender, guess-your-age . . . Prof. Walter DeLenz, magician and emsee at Garto's Variety Show, remain there until the fairs start . . . Jean Idelle, fan dancer from the Columbia, Detroit, Detroit, and Georgia May, voodoo dancer, are recent additions at Tirza;s Wine Bath Show, also new is George Mysels, who is handling publicity . . . Boomerrang in Bowery Park enjoys a new lease on life since operator Jimmie Kyrimes installed many improvements to locks, guard rails and brakes, all of his own invention, to allow for easier, safer travel.

John Ward, recovered from recent illness, is operating his rides and concessions . . . . Sam Torres has returned as outside talker over weekends at Garto's how . . . . Stanley Reiben, Chamber of Commerce prexy, joins the law office of Assemblyman Eugene F. Bannigan in New York at the close of the season. . . . Outmoded trolley poles on Surf have been transformed into a carnival aspect. . . . William Silverstein and Marion Ampola are Morris Joffe's experts in charge of the modernized popcorn and candy emporium covering most of Feltman's Surf front. . . . Tintyper Sam Sim's daughter, Bobbie, has left the Jones Walk concession to continue her studies at city College of New York.  Replacing her is Freddie Waldron.

1950 Surf Ave - Coney Island Brooklyn NYC


William Bradley Smith, or Aloa, Alligator Boy, of Raleigh, N. C., is the new attraction for the blow-off at Sindell's Girlie Revue.  Julia Gerity is the all-season's singing feature at Sindell's Stable. . . . Carl Balmer, oldptime circus talker and concessionaire, is out front orator at Rosen's freakery. . . . Bill Lombard, long-time promotion manager at Luna Park for the Collier's and the Miller's is in charge of the pool at Steeplechase Park. . . . Overnight change at Harry Rifkin's, on Surf, sent Shuffleboard Alleys back to the shelf after a week's tenancy and brought back the original set of Pokerinos.  Rifkin said that "customers preferred sitting to standing up." . . . Mrs. Henry Stubbman, who, since the death of her husband two years ago, had been operating the Eleanor Hotel a Carousel bar, grille and parking lot on Surf and West Sixth, has retired.  Present lessee of the hotel is Charles Roth.  Conrad Boyle has the other three concessions. . . Walter Kane, pianist at Lane's Irish House, formerly was with Perry's Pavilion at the Park Circle, Brooklyn.


The Billboard July 29, 1950


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