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by Slim Price


As in all the stunts in this book, it can be dangerous! You are very likely to get cut to a greater or lesser degree and a cut can lead to infection or worse. Before you read on, take the time to reflect. Do you need this? Is it worth it? Does it fit your style? Your show? Just because you saw that cool guy at the sideshow do it, does not mean it should have a niche in your life& When you re young, especially , you believe you are invulnerable and all things can be done without a price, later. . Wrong! Not long ago I saw a beautiful, professional, quite famous actress, after having been taught by an expert (?) how to walk on glass, under ideal circumstances, cut her foot very badly & On TV.


Oh well, I hope I made an impression.


You prepare by getting about twenty or so THICK glass bottles, whiskey, wine, beer, but THICK glass. Look behind the tavern or make a friend of a bartender.. Remove all of the labels.


With a hammer and goggles break the bottles into pieces about one and one-half inches in diameter. You want to have pieces that will lay relatively flat. Much bigger than this may crack under your weight and make new SHARP edges. Take out all the bottoms and necks, they are your enemy.

If you can, take the glass and have it tumbled by someone who does gemstones. This will take the edges off of more of the glass.. Disappointed? It s foolish not to do anything you can to help make this act a little safer wherever you can. Lacking a tumbler, you can put the glass in a small metal trash can and rotate it until the edges are as smooth as you can get them. Now take the glass and put it in a burlap bag, and roll it until all the little shards are gone. Don t worry, this is still a dangerous act. The performance If you keep the glass in the trash can, roll it around a little more for the sound effect, and openly smash a couple more bottles into the can, and pick out the bottoms and necks, roll the can a little more and then spill it on the stage or in a tray, preferably on a carpet kept for the purpose, it will help you and make it easier to clean up later.. There are performers who put a layer of foam rubber under the carpet, but I m not sure it does any good. At this point scan the glass to make as sure as you can that there are no points left and use your foot to flatten the glass as much as you can. Now all you really need is tough feet& Be positive as you walk, and if you are wobbly, have an assistant to help you keep your balance. Jumping from a chair is an option, but the best performer in the business just does a little dance in a small pool of glass to rave reviews.


God, sometimes the memories flow...Fortunately, I suppose, my mind is a little less rusty than my body.


Stepping onto a lot for the first time, returning to a lot from a former date. Finding a place to do much needed laundry, running into a friend... Taking a bath.


There are so many things that I failed to appreciate then, but that live in my mind. I realize now that I only saw the forest then and not the trees. Finding trees on a lot, simply to lean back against and do nothing for a while... In the shade. Being as strong as an ox and not knowing it.


Cherishing a little rain, cause it meant a day off, but at the same time hating it, cause I loved the crowds. Going out on the bally, and seeing marks that thought you were something special, their eyes looking up, studying you as a curiosity. Hearing the intake of collective breaths when you did something they thought dangerous. Doing dangerous things and getting no response at all, when the marks thought it was ordinary.


Talking an 100 per-cent blow-off, or finding a new line that worked during the grind.


Putting in a new  trick, and having it work... Loving applause, working, romancing a microphone...


Smelling new hay or sawdust. Being Widdit.

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