from the journal pages of Krista Price


"I will never bitter be, as long as I can laugh at me." Slim Price


In August of 2005 Slim and Krista Price decide to let their apartment go and hit the road.


After Slims Passing Krista ask if she could share her journal pages

of their experiences on the road with Sideshow World.


We welcome Krista and what she has to share with us and wish her the very best as she continues her travels.


The Slim Price Collection

Keep the Candle Burning a Tribute to Slim Price


Pages from Krista's Journal


Thursday 11th August 2005


We started late last night, around 9pm. Stopped in Alpine overnight. Didn’t sleep that much, guess we’ll do better when we get used to it. We let Frostie out of the carrier this morning. He wouldn’t get out at first, but eventually did and seems to be taking the traveling well. Wish he’d drink more water though.


The engine’s overheated. Right now we’re stuck somewhere on I8. Slim managed to flag down a truck driver who put some coolant in, but we still overheated. We can only drive a few feet before doing so. Right now, we can only wait ‘til someone comes along.


Friday 12th August 2005


We stayed on the hard shoulder last night. This morning, we flagged down 3 kids - late teens, early 20s -who gave us some water, root beer, and crackers. The water was great, we’d run out earlier, so we’d had nothing. One called the state troopers, then we showed them the ‘zibit that Doug made us. One seemed amazed, not sure about the other two, but they liked it. Anyhow, they left, and waited quite a while. Slim flagged down another guy who gave us some ice water and called a tow truck.


After we got to the garage, the guys looked it over and said there was nothing wrong. So we got out of Gila Bend, went on the road to Buckeye, we over heated again. We had to flag down another driver to use their cell phone, to call the garage, who in turn said they'd call the garage in Buckeye to come out. That was about a 2 hour wait, and when the tow truck got here, he said that he'd only gotten the call 15 mins earlier. ARG!


Anyhow, we got towed again and the point is, the radiator had gone, the radiator hose had a leak, needs a head gasket, a water pump and god knows what else. So we got some work done today, and we'll have to do back on Monday to get the rest done.


We're now in an RV park til then. Slim will take a break from driving tomorrow, and I'll sort out the car again.


Frostie is taking the traveling rather nobly.


Monday 15th August 2005


8:50am   Today started badly. We left the RV park with no Frostie. I got up around 4 this morning and left the door open a little. He must have gotten out, we haven't seen him since. Frostie was loving us up real good last night, we both think that was his way of saying goodbye. We're both upset, Slim doesn't want to talk about it. He'll miss that cat, for a while Frostie was the only companion he had. Where ever Frostie goes, I hope he'll be happy, and know we love him always.


Right now, we're in the garage, trying and hoping to get the car fixed so we can get going.


6.20pm  We've stopped for the night. I'm feeling Frosties loss, Slim says he'll miss me "communing," i.e. talking with him. I got the feeling that we don't have to worry about him as much, if at all. He's a survivor, he'll be ok. Probably found a family by now. Right now, We're 50 miles from Flagstaff. Still a long way to go.


Wednesday 17th August 2005


We've gotten to Alberque (sp), and on our way to Denver. The last couple of rest stops there've been a survey where you can say whether you approve of the place or not. I've not seen that before.  Anyhow, I'm finally getting into the idea of being on the road, no our "Gypsy Quest" is finally underway.


Thursday 25th August 2005


Tuesday we picked up the RV at Nashua, New Hampshire. We got there late, as we went to see Oliver first. Nice guy. Slim conned a couple of bucks out of him to see the 'zibit, rattling off a story, but Oliver know Doug had made it. We got lost going to his friends place, which is why we got there late. His friend wasn't home, so Slim talked his way into a neighbors garden to sit and chat for a while.


Anyhow, we left them and went back to the car. Not long after that, Oliver's friend Tony got back. We spent the night parked in their driveway and early Wednesday moved our things into the rv. Almost as soon as we drove off, there was a problem with it. I think the transmission hose went, as there was a lot of trans fluid around. (I guess there would be huh?) We drove a ways, but a cloud of smoke came from the drivers side, so we ended up getting towed again, and getting the hose replaced. It's only temporary though, so we'll have to get to a service station to get it looked at.


So we went on our way, and stayed at a rest stop over night. Now it's about 8am, and we'll spend the day finding places for things, or I will anyway. Slim's not used to driving the rv, no time for practice really, and he's not sure what all the buttons do yet. Anyhow, today will be a day to relax for him.


For myself,  I believe that America is truly a great country. For a while I thought where's the trees, then finally, forests, hills, green for miles. Reminded me of England. For a while there were miles of grassland, hills in the distance that you could hardly see. It's a great experience. If I ever get married again and have kids, even if I don't, I hope I get to do it again. The Gypsy Quest part 2.


Sunday 28th August 2005


We arrived at Wilkes-Barre Pa yesterday. Finally got to do some laundry, and got on the 'net briefly. Got the rv looked at, it's ok. The right hand side mirrors, were bent out of shape where Slim hit a road cone. Slim's just getting the concept of the body being wider than the cab


Today, I just moved things around again. Slim's taking it easy today, needs the rest. The RV  looks a little more like home. We're at a rest stop a few miles south of Wilkes-Barre, and I get the feeling that we're going to be asked to leave. You're not supposed to be parked here for more than 2 hours. By the end of today, we will be. Or, maybe that's just me being paranoid.


Monday 29th August 2005


Well, I was right. We were asked to leave. The cop who knocked on the door about 6:15pm gave us an hour to leave. We left around 6:30, and went south to a campground. Nice area, quiet, even has a pond. Feels good to stick my feet into. There's a couple of showers too, and after a couple of weeks not washing properly, I didn't want to get out.


Tuesday 30th August 2005


We were driving around, not really going anywhere, when we passed Marc's Tattooing. We pulled in on the off chance that it was the one in the Sideshow Gathering and Inking the Valley. It was, and Slim managed to get in touch with Franco. Anyhow, we went to the Ramada Inn, and finally met with him. We got booked in early and went to his room. Matt The Knife was there, along with a couple of his friends. Natasha and Terrance are here too, but I've not seen them yet.


Slim and Matt pretty much dominated the conversation. Slim with his stories, (new audience,) and Matt with His experiences. I just get the feeling that people will be disappointed when they look at me after what Slim's said.


Thursday 1st September 2005


Today was the unofficial start of the gathering. Slim did a Q & A, after that, Ward Hall came to the stage. Slim was glad to give up the mike, he wasn't sure what to say. Afterwards at the buffet, Sideshow Bennie, Nipplini, Natasha, and a few others who we've only known names of were there. Good to put faces to the names at last.


Saturday 3rd September 2005


Slim finally met Natasha. Personally I think they're secretly in love with each other. :) Anyway, she's a hell of a dancer. The Crispy Family , Sideshow Bennie, and a few others performed. The big swallow was last night. 52 swords were dropped, a new record. A cheer went up when we heard. Slim was a glad witness. Slim also wanted to take part, though he wanted to swallow a catheter. He can't get a sword down anymore, so he thought he's give that a go. Didn't work though, swords only.


Sunday 4th September 2005


The end of the gathering. The brunch started at 10am, and around 11:30, awards were given out. Slim was last and got a standing ovation. He tried real hard not to tear up, but I think I did enough for both of us. Slims daughter Joyce and her friend left today. I was pleased that they got to meet after all these years.


Tuesday 6th September 2005


Today, we arrived at Allegany State Park. Slim wanted a place to crash after a few days after the gathering. I love the place, plenty of trees and hills, I like that. Quiet too, all you can hear are birds, insects, distant gunshots, and the faint rumble of traffic. I guess it's hard to get away from that.


Slim still can't get over the fact that he got a standing ovation at all, especially one lasting that long.


After we're done here, who knows what we'll do. Slim's thinking of wintering in Las Vegas or Florida. I really don't care where we go, as long as there isn't any snow. Rain's fine, no snow. I'm not mad keen on snow. Anyhow, we'll hang here for a few days.


Monday 12th September 2005


We left Allegany State Park and went to Buffalo, NY to see Joyce for a couple of days. I'm really just staying out of the way so they can talk. Feels a bit odd to have a step daughter who's older than me. We're also getting the rv insured and registered, so we'll be here a while.


Sunday 25th September 2005


We left Buffalo on Thursday morning. We took a drive through Chicago, and that's something that I've no wish to repeat. The drivers are crazy, if you want to change lanes, they don't let you We ended up on the wrong side of the road at one point. You go to change lanes, and people keep coming. Seems no one here know what indicators are. It's the sort of town that you see on the bus rather than by car. We managed to get out of there and stopped just outside of Wisconsin. Hopefully we'll start looking for small town America. That's the country I'd like to see.


Thursday 29th September 2005


We've driven through Minnesota, and are now going through South Dakota. What I've seen so far of both, it's nothing but plains and small towns. We stopped in Mundo to see if there was a library. There was, but it was in the process of moving to another building.


We passed through the Badlands National Park with the hope of staying in the campground there for a few days. Neither of us fancied staying there after we discovered there wasn't any shade. Anyhow, we made a detour through a town called Wall. We'd seen signs for the towns attractions for around 350 miles. so we decided to take a look. We didn't stop, although there was free parking. It didn't allow motor homes or campers, so we just rode around a little before we got back on the highway.


We should be in Wyoming by tonight or tomorrow. We'll see what that brings.


Saturday 1st October 2005


We made it to Wyoming yesterday. Finally found a town with a library, nice one too. Anyhow, we decided to go to Yellowstone and camp for a few days. We'd gone over the mountains into Ten Sleep Creek. hard work for the camper, but it's holding up real well. Today, on the way to Cody, then Yellowstone, we passed a town called Emblem with a population of 10. With only a few houses it's a blink and you miss it town.


Going towards Cody, the area's mainly flat with a few hills and mountains in the distance. A few of those with snow on the peaks already.


We got to Yellowstone and discovered that it cost $33 a night to stay, so we decided that we'd go and see the mud flats and old faithful. That fell through as well. To get there, we'd have to wait for a pilot car to lead us up there. That plus the fact we had to pay for that, and had to be out by 8pm, so we turned back, went through Cody, Thermopolis, and spent the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Riverton. We've not seen much of the town, but I'd like to see if there's a library.


Wednesday 5th October 2005


Crossed the border into Utah this morning, going toward Salt Lake City. Not quite where we intended to go, but it'll be a nice detour. Yesterday, it snowed. We'd stayed overnight in Rock Springs, and it only took about 4 hours to get to Everton, but on the way, it started to snow. We parked at Wal-mart to wait the wand and snow out. It let up for a while, but started again, so we stayed overnight. Now long after getting into Utah, we hit some fog. Real thick too, we could hardly see 10 feet in any direction.


Thursday 6th October 2005


We stayed in Moab last night. Nice place, couldn't find a Wal-mart to park in, so we went to a City Market instead.


Archers Park is impressive. Slim's been raving about it, and I'll have to admit it's like nothing I've seen before. The views are great. Slim says that this is the America he wants me to see. America is a great and beautiful place, it's great to be able to see it like this.


Slim's been giving me a running commentary as we drove through the park It's good to see that his enthusiasm hasn't gone away. He's got some life back when he does that. He loves the place, and really wants me to like it to. When I said I loved it, he got tears in his eyes. He was pleased when I said that.


We went to Archers Park and Dead Horse Point looking for places to camp. Neither had water, so we didn't stay. Just outside Archers Park, there's an RV park. Prices aren't great, but we're staying a couple of nights.


Saturday 8th October 2005


Passed into Colorado about 10:50 this morning. We're hoping to be in Denver tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see The Crispy Family Circus for a couple of days. After that, the plan is to go to Arizona or Nevada and winter in an RV park. We had a quick drive around aspen, just out of curiosity.


While we drove through a canyon, Slim gave me a commentary. He used to go this road years ago, so he told me what it used to be like, and what he did. I admit I enjoy the commentary, it brings the area to life.


Sunday 9th October 2005


We got snowed on again during the night. Neither of us were mad keen on driving in it all, but nothing could be done about it.


Finally got to Denver after a couple of side trips. One of those was Central Valley, a town that Slim  worked and lived in years ago. Trouble is, the fog was real thick and we could hardly see 30 feet in front of us, if that. So, we turned around and got back on the road to Denver.


Slim got in touch with Loki in Boulder and we’ll be here for a couple of nights, or less if we start to stink. Anyhow, Loki wants to interview him as part os a journalism course he’s doing at university, plus he wants to hear the stories. Slim’s just happy to have a new person to tell them to.


Monday 10th October 2005


Slim did part of the interview this morning. Loki wanted to do some more this afternoon, but Slim was too tired, so he’ll do some more another time. Probably tomorrow. He’s been tired all day and slept a lot. He needs it, because of all the driving.


I went out to look around the town. This is a campus area, Colorado University. I went into the campus bookstore, there was quite a few books that I wanted, but being school books, expensive. Shame really.


Sunday 16th October 2005


We stayed with Crispy and Boobzilla since Wednesday night. We both had a good time, especially Slim. More new people to tell his stories to. Their dog is adorable. He’s a cross between a rottwiler and a basset hound. (I think.) He’s big, especially when he’s trying to be a lap dog.


When we left, we got lost a couple of times, and we’re still in Colorado.


Monday 17th October 2005


We stayed in Alamosa overnight, (thanks Wal-Mart!) Our final destination is Quartzsite Arizona, where we’ll winter. The rent won’t be bad either.


We went through Durango, Mancos, and stayed in Cortez. The RV doesn’t like mountains that much, we could only do 20 mph for a while. Mind you, we hadn’t got the engine adjusted. Once we get to lower ground, we’ll be fine.


Tuesday 18th October 2005


We passed Four Corners today. We were going to stop, but not for $3  a person. Nothing there really except for a couple of gift shops. I guess America isn’t free anymore, there are ticket booths everywhere.


About 50 miles from Tuba City, we passed through a real heavy hail storm. We were worried about the windshield for a while, the hail was so large. We stopped for a while to wait it out, we could hardly see. Didn’t last long before it broke up. There was a lot of lightening, but didn’t hear any hear any thunder.


The plan was to go to the Grand Canyon. We’d just turned onto the road leading to it, when we saw a sign saying there was a $20 charge for vehicles. $20 to see what’s basically a hole in the ground. Like I said, America isn’t free anymore.


Thursday 20 October 2005


Passed through Phoenix yesterday, and arrived in Quartzsite last night. We parked in an empty lot overnight, and after looking at a few sites, we found one that was more in our price range, i.e. the cheapest. I had a walk around, and there doesn’t seem to be much here, but I’ve not seen all of it yet.


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