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Strongman Stunts


How to Tear a Deck of Cards in Half


This trick is not hard to do after a little practice. Place one end of the pack upon the palm of the left hand, and cover the other end of the deck with your right hand. 


Actually you do not tear the cards. You break them first by bending them in the middle.


Grasp each end of the cards firmly and then bend the cards forward. Next, bend them backwards. Do this two or three times in rapid succession, then twist the hands away from each other. This will cause a twisting tear age on the cards, right in the middle of the deck where they are broken from bending. Twist first to the right side and then to the left side until the deck is completely torn into two halves.


It is a good idea to let the back of the left hand rest on the right knee for support when bending and twisting the cards. Later, when you become more adept at this trick, you can do it with your hand free of the knee.


Many become so adept at this trick, they can tear a deck of cards into quarters, and even tear a corner out of the deck. Many are able to tear two decks in half at one time. It is a real trick that always brings a rousing cheer.


Bend a Frying Pan


This can be very impressive. The method of turning a frying pan into a rolled up mass is dependant on the quality of the pan. Those sets of three pans for a couple of bucks at your dollar stores, look the same as the quality ones, but the metal is much easier to deform.  With the handle at right angles to your body,  set the pan against your abdomen and get a firm, two handed grip on the side away from your body.  Just  roll up the edge towards you. You’ll find the pan will bend fairly easy.  You can roll it up into a nice cylinder..


The “Can Smash.”


The ideal can for this seems to be a can of evaporated milk, but others will work as long as they contain dense materials such as creamed corn. Just extend your index finger on a block  so that it can be a  target,  and without hesitation, smash the can on your finger!   The center of the can’s side, away from the edges is where you want to do the deed.  The can should be perpendicular to the extended finger. (Crosswise!)




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