by Slim Price


Shoot The Red Star


Shoot the Star


Here s a game that sometimes has no prize at all, but often offers a money prize or a gigantic stuffed animal. It looks simple enough and is a sharpshooters dream!  Sure.


The game is a small, not very deep shooting gallery, with nicely printed paper targets hanging on rods in the back. On each target is a small red star and the object is to shoot the star completely off the target. Whether you are familiar with guns (BB) or not makes very little difference, your chance is vanishingly small You can, if you choose to zero in like the intrepid hunter your fantasy says you (it could even be true) are with single shots, or take the spray all route, it makes little difference. Logic will tell you not to shoot the star but to make ring around it and cut it off the paper.. Dear friend, it will not work! When you finally get to the point where you just need another couple of shots for you to be The Big Winnah! the texture of the paper will move away from the shots like a hinge and leave you with I only missed by that much. If you succeed with actually shooting the star the agent will always find some tiny red trace that will keep you from carrying that gigantic teddy bear across the lot.




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