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by Slim Price


This is a pretty fundamental act, but it takes what I call the “Sideshow Mind.”

By that I mean you need to get away from much of the conditioning that culture expects.


Who would stick pins in my precious body? Not me, not me! Well, a little thought says that when a doctor gives you a shot, that's a pin. Touch something hot? No way!


But when a person irons she/he checks the heat by wetting her finger and pressing it to the face of the iron… What's my point? If you can overcome the conditioning, most sideshow acts are pretty simple.


In your body, there are many places where nerve endings are fewer, or farther apart. These are easy to find if you explore.


In the old days almost any pointed object was fodder for the pin cushion act. Sewing needles, hat pins, some with ornate heads, skewers, and safety pins were in demand . Now, surgical needles, (hypodermic) are the norm. While any size can be used including the cannulas, The most common gauge is 20 or 21. They are readily available from suppliers of medical equipment. I suggest you make a friend at a supplier and accept his knowledge. A mini-show and honesty will get you a lot of information.


Pinch anesthesia is simply a body’s response to pinching the skin. Where it is pinched that area is temporarily is less sensitive to pain. It will still let you know you are doing something evil to it, but the feeling is much lowered. Just pinch the skin where you are making an opening. There is seldom any bleeding, but it can happen. Sterility is a factor to consider.. It is simple insurance against the possibility of infection.


Here’s how… There are some areas of your body to start with, but you can find more. Try any area you can explore to see where you are less sensitive. One performer I know uses a huge hatpin through the bridge of his nose, through the cartilage at the very top just under his forehead. The inside of your arm opposite the elbow is a good place to start. There are very few nerve endings there and you will likely find at least one null point where you can stick a straight pin into the zone. Caution says not to deep because the elbow joint (bones) are close. I like to sharpen a large safety pin (3 inch) and run it through the back of my hand at right angles to my fingers, and then close it. It’s usually the first time the audience realizes it is not a trick but something real. Does it hurt? Yeah, a little. You can, if you choose to, stick a lot of hypodermic needles into your chest, but my own take is “less is more.” If you can solder there’s an easy gaff to make. Take a safety pin, solder it closed, and cut out a section of the bar to accommodate the skin so it looks as though it penetrates. This works on the nose, fingers, and ears. The pins need to be placed without the audience seeing it done, so I don’t find it a valid part of the act. Skewers through the cheeks depend largely on pinch anesthesia. Bicycle spokes can be sharpened for this. Just pinch the site both inside and out with your fingers as you insert it. (them) You will probably find your skin is more difficult to penetrate than you think, especially coming through your cheek from inside your mouth. Skin is tough.


Thread Penetration


Any where a needle is put through the skin, a thread can follow. Suture needles can be purchased in both curved and straight shapes and many sizes. India seems to be a great source for this. An internet search will turn up many sites. They can be bought in forms the will take clipping the suture (thread) in a variety of ways. The “Brahmo Thread Mystery” is one of these. The effect is that the performer swallows several inches of thread, contorts a bit and then draws the thread out of his skin, supposedly from his stomach. (It doesn’t make sense to me either but audiences like it) It’s done by running a threaded needle under the skin for two or three inches under the skin close to the navel and clipping the end (tread) off very near the skin surface, leaving about a foot hidden under your belt or in your pants. For presentation, appear to make a nick in your skin at the site and slowly pull out the concealed part of the thread. Use hard thread or suture ( E.g. catgut ) so that no fiber is left under your skin.


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