by Slim Price

Milk Bottle Game

What could be simpler? There s a board, six milk bottles, sometimes wood, sometimes aluminum, stacked in a pyramid. Three on the bottom, then two. then one. Knock-em all off and win a nice prize, leave one , and win slum, leave more and get nothing except the chance to lay down more money. Simple? It never is!

This game is so gaffed that in order to get a fair set of milk bottles the operator has to buy two sets. You see, three of the bottles are heavy, and the other three are light.  With the light  bottles on the bottom of the stack, you have, depending on how well you throw,  a chance  to win at least  a piece of slum, and maybe a real prize.  With the heavies down your chance is vanishingly small, even if you lead your league in pitching.




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