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by Slim Price



Make your own ferromagnetic fluid.


The key material is a mineral called magnetite which can be bought on the internet. 10 pounds will cost about $15.00, or you can go to the beach (or a big sandbox) and mine your own. All you need is a magnet and a plastic baggie. With the magnet in the bag, just run it through the sand and it will pick up the magnetite.


Brush it off onto a paper plate. Continue this until you have as much as you think you need. You will need to repeat the action until the sand is gone… What’s left is Magnetite.. At this point, it’s a good idea not to let it directly contact a magnet. It will be very hard to get off. Put what you need in a paper cup and add enough ordinary cooking oil to make a thin paste, and stir it well.


The magnetite needs to be saturated with oil… All that’s left to do  is take out the stick, and place a magnet next to the cup. It should  “solidify.” When it does drain off  ALL the oil.


What you have left is Ferromagnetic Fluid. Have fun!


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