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by Slim Price


I'd like to keep this method a secret, know you are being trusted.


First, the active ingredient in “Big Red” is cinnamon oil, and it does work, but it also burns the skin of the person you do it to, and wetting (spitting on ?) Yuk! an audience member is a further complication.


This is an adaptation of an old fakir stunt that was used in the sideshows during the fifties.


Many acids will react with aluminum generating quite a lot of heat. One of those is the acid used in Liquid Drain Cleaner. (I use the one sold by Rite Aid Drugs) Just look for a warning label saying not to expose it to aluminum. The wrapper on an ordinary Hershey Bar is aluminum foil bonded to a layer of paper. The last element you need is a penny balloon with a few drops of the drain cleaner, held shut with a paper clip, which is easy to hide. Open the Hershey bar so everyone knows what it is, share the candy… keep the paper sleeve intact .


Drop your load on the paper side of the inner wrapper, refold it and place it back in the sleeve. The paper layer works like as a delay, you have several seconds before the acid begins to react with the foil. Give the package to your spectator, do the appropriate psychic Mumbo-Jumbo… Soon the foil will get too hot for the spectator to hold… The heat falls off pretty quick, so after a bit take it from him/her, crumple it up and discard it.


Alternatively, any system you use to get the drain cleaner on the aluminum will work.


DO NOT use water to sooth any skin that has been contacted with these chemicals, water will make it worse! Use cold cream for wiping the area. Cinnamon Oils come in a variety of qualities and the lesser ones will not appear to work. Also less sensitive skin areas will not be nearly as affected. Armpits and foreheads and other sensitive areas are most vulnerable. As with any sideshow act, There are responsibilities and possibilities for injury. Think long about the value to your act, and your reputation.


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