by Jim Rose





Fact is stranger than fiction. A brain trust of Hollywood’s most talented creative minds could never conceive the cultural icon that is Jim Rose—an

internationally renowned performance artist, controversial author and Snake Oil salesman extraordinaire.


Rose burst into national prominence during the 1992 Lollapalooza tour, garnering raves on MTV and publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Rolling Stone. The venerable rock ‘n’ roll magazine called the Jim Rose Circus “the absolute must-see act.” USA Today termed Rose’s troupe “Lollapalooza’s word of mouth hit attraction.” The quick witted show became the darling of high and low brow society alike.


Prior to Lollapalooza, Rose honed his spectacular and exotic skills throughout Europe and North America. His shows are revered as a mind bending thrill ride. Rose leads and misleads a rapt audience on a journey rife with black magic secrets, idiotic achievements and dangerous exploits.

 It explores and sometimes exposes the intricate distinctions between man, monster and dumbass. Performances are infused with Rose’s wicked wit, hilarious asides and stunning feats. He delights the audience with a charismatic tongue-in-cheek style reminiscent of the glory days of P.T. Barnum.


Since the early Nineties, Rose has headlined seven world tours and released a self titled video (on Rick Rubin’s American Recordings) which quickly became a cult classic. A perennial favorite among the most influential musical artists in the world, Rose was invited in 1994 to tour with Nine Inch Nails and a then unknown Marilyn Manson. Tours with Korn and Godsmack followed.


By 1998, Rose and his Circus were astonishing the masses on another world tour and on other levels. First, Rose was featured as a guest star on The X-Files. Then his eccletic lifestyle and compelling personality became the basis for a provocative literary work. His book, Freak Like Me was released by Bantam Doubleday Dell and ending up on several best-seller lists.


As reported in the LA Times and Daily Variety, he has sold the book’s movie rights to White Peach Productions and scheduled to start shooting at the end of this year. Later, Rose’s legendary persona garned a new degree of infamy thanks to hit TV show The Simpsons—where Homer joined Rose’s circus as the Human Cannonball in a truly memorable episode.


Rose’s recent accolades include being the top ticket of the Melbourne (Australia), New Zealand and Edinburgh (Scotland) Fringe and Comedy Festivals. Jim Rose can also be played. He is the popular Psymon on Play Station’s new SSX Tricky and SledStorm 2, both EA products. His TV series “The Jim Rose Twisted Tour” can be seen in reruns all over the world.


Rose’s cutting edge business acumen has been noticed organically: Wall Street Journal cover story, Fast Company magazine cover and featured in the new book The Deviant’s Advantage. He has been hired to consult for numerous corporations including Microsoft and regularly assists public relations firms with pop culture campaigns and strategy. Rose served as a spokesperson for Gordon’s Gin and his creative exploits were detailed in the book Improperganda—the Art of the Publicity Stunt. He has just wrapped as an actor for the movie ”Doubting Riley” produced by HBO’s “Project Greenlight” alumni. Rose currently resides in Las Vegas, busily preparing his next literary project, planning a world tour, consulting and playing poker. On the side, he even finds time to extol the virtues of Snake Oil.


A Few Words about the Cover Portrait of Jim Rose


In a world of digital technology, Gail Potocki wastrained in the manner of the Old Masters, learning to  blend the brushwork of Rembrandt with the ideals of the 19th century Symbolists. Seeing Jim’s circus performance and recognizing his passion for the lost arts is what led Gail to appreciate Jim as a fellow anachronism and inspired her to create his portrait. Much like the lemurs assisting his pose, Gail views Jim as an exotic and nearly extinct creature.


Gail, who was the First Prize winner of the 2002 International Symbolist Art show “The Dreamer and the Dreamed” and in 2003 won the top prize of Choix des Juges at Brave Destiny, the world’s largest exhibition of Surrealist Art, continues to work in Chicago, finding inspiration in building her collection of 19th century mystical Art Nouveau artifacts.





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