Controlling Power - Pulse Control - High Pressure

Your Future - Bad Fortune - Cold as Hot - Trick Yourself!

by Jim Rose


Controlling Power


This, too, is a weird effect capable of dramatic presentation. In brief, the performer convinces his subjects that they are tasting candy. Later, that they have tasted bitter medicine.


Secret: Apparatus used is nothing more than a little novelty known as a platelifter or palpitator. This is a length of thin rubber tubing with a small bulb at one end and a small bladder at the other. To use, the bladder is removed and a small quantity of saccharine placed in the bulb. Saccharine is obtainable from any drug store, the powder form being used, and is several hundred times sweeter than sugar.


The bulb is placed under the armpit and the tube is fastened to the arm with rubber bands.  In “hypnotizing” his subjects the performer makes his “mesmeric passes” and in so doing presses lightly on the rubber bulb so that a little of the powder is sprayed forth. Just a little of this, in fact the very smallest amount coming in contact with the subject’s lips will cause an intensely sweet taste to be produced in the mouth of the spectator. Meanwhile the performer suggests that the taste is that of candy.


In the medicine tasting part of the test the same saccharine is used. Immediately after the candy test, this thought is produced, since saccharine will leave a bitter taste if the sweet persists long enough. During this time the performer continues his patter and builds up to this final effect.


If desired, the opposite arm can be likewise prepared with a setup containing sneezing powder or itching powder. Thus by suggestion alone the spectator will be led to sneeze, or being shown a picture of poison ivy, be led to itch. These tricks have long been closely guarded.


Pulse Control


Place a hard rubber ball under the right armpit in direct contact with the flesh. Hold the arm extended from the elbow and have a spectator feel your pulse.


Tell him your pulse will gradually fade away. Gradually press on the ball with the arm and the flow of blood will be stopped, and naturally the pulse will  diminish and seem to practically fade away. This is very effective for trance work in seances.


High Pressure


Let’s take the example of the truck driving schools.  They advertise that you can make over four thousand dollars a month after one week of training. The minute you walk in, the process of fleecing starts. You stand behind a red line until you are waved up to a guy who is sitting on a platform behind a six-foot high black counter. The first thing he’ll say is: “Let me see your driver’s license.” A light is positioned to shine in your eyes as you look up to follow his forceful suggestion to hand over your license. He then asks: “What makes you think you can be a truck driver?” After answering the question you have started a pattern of following instructions that will last until the unfamiliar environment and forceful suggestions work their way into your wallet.


Your Future


The so-called psychic can’t read your mind or tell your future with accuracy. It’s all a formula. First they shake your hand to feel if it is rough or smooth. They study your clothes, jewelry, appearance of health, and whether you’re calm or nervous. They are very good listeners, so they can use the information later, but they never ask direct questions. The goal is to find your main interest. It’s usually money, health, or sex. Then they build a story around a positive point. They try to make you say “yes” as much as possible. For example, if someone asks a question like: “Is my daughter going to get engaged?” The conversation might go: “I believe you’re a married woman.” “Yes.” ”Therefore you will appreciate what I will say. First, let me ask you, or better tell you, that I feel your problem does concern a marriage, although it has not yet taken place.” “Yes.” “I’d say that there is in fact an engagement with a view to marriage in the air.” “Yes.” “Now, let me deal with a gentleman who has a very great bearing on this matter. There is a great deal of personal feeling for him in the family.” “Yes.” Psychics feed back facts, and act like they have made a discovery. The worldly ones can help you relax and give good advice. That’s why I still have my future read.



Bad Fortune


Be careful of fortune tellers who say that your money problems can be solved with a spell. After several sessions, and gaining your confidence, they will ask you to bring in 500 dollars cash for a cleansing ritual. They take your money and sew it in a handkerchief while reciting incantations and using magic powders. They wrap a strand of hair around it and tell you to sleep with it under your pillow for a week. Of course a week later upon opening the handkerchief, you’ll find just paper.


The fortune teller had a duplicate made ahead of time, and switched it with sleight of hand.


Cold as Hot


This effect is based on the power of suggestion.  Ask a volunteer to stand erect and keep his hands behind his back. A blindfold is placed over his eyes.  Tell him that you will place a hot pin in the palm of his hand, and instruct him to tell you to stop when the pain is unbearable.  After he’s blindfolded, light a match as if you’re going to burn a pin. He will hear it and smell the match, but instead of touching his hand with the hot pin, touch it with an ice cube. You will notice that he’ll tell you right away it’s too hot.



Trick Yourself


Is there something in your personality that you would like to change? Self-hypnosis can trick your brain to accomplish this. Before going out and buying a book about it or getting involved with courses, try this for three weeks. Let’s say you want more self-confidence. Every morning, afternoon, and just before you go to bed, repeat “bold and confident” over and over to yourself for five straight minutes.  Concentrating on nothing else but ”bold and confident” three times a day is a mental strain that you’re not used to. Self-suggestions swim right through and become a part of your personality within a couple of weeks.


I know there are all kinds of jokes about self-help books, but I won’t tell if you won’t.


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