by Jim Rose


Hypnotism, brain washing, and mind control are the same thing. The only difference is how the knowledge is used.


I read lots of books on hypnotism when I was a kid but couldn’t grasp what they meant. I ended up learning through trial, error, and by watching others.


Recently after thousands of hours of experimenting in shows, I started to study again, and everything became clearer. I learned that most people don’t walk outside one day saying they’re going to join a cult.


They run into someone who knows how to use the two keys of mind control: unfamiliar environment and forceful suggestions. Con men, pimps and high pressure salesmen are under the same umbrella; these basic human manipulations are considered a folk art.


Stage Hypnotism


The “unfamiliar environment” starts the minute the volunteer gets on stage. Lights are in his eyes, the audience is staring at him, some are friends but most are not. A stage hypnotist has a microphone that makes his forceful suggestion more powerful. It’s easier to go along with what he says than to buck the system. The long “look into my eyes” presentation is used to disguise the hypnotist’s abrasiveness and unspoken agreement that he is the director and the volunteer is the actor.



Private Hypnotists use a bright light and matched and amplified breathing sound loops in their sessions to help people to stop smoking, drinking, etc.


Easy Way Out


I have done a legitimate hypnotist act for many years and have made people do a lot of crazy things.


One night this cocky guy volunteered, but wouldn’t focus no matter what I tried. I couldn’t get him to look me in the eyes, so off the microphone I told him to just play along and I would give him a hundred dollars after the show. He immediately started doing everything I told him. He acted like a dog, a chicken, he caressed his breasts as though they were a woman’s, and rolled around on the floor like a pig in the mud. After I was through letting him humiliate himself, I said to him: “And now before I count to three and bring you out of hypnosis, I want to leave you with one powerful thought. For the rest of your life, you will believe and tell your friends that Jim Rose owes you money. 1, 2, 3. Give him a big hand.” He went back to his chair telling his friends that I owed him one hundred dollars. He

probably still is!


Easier Way Out


If you don’t want to bother learning hypnotism, I’ve seen people make this trick work. They show the audience a 12x12 inch piece of cardboard with a hypnotic spiral drawn on it. What the audience doesn’t see is the other side shown to the volunteers.


It says, “Just play along and let’s have fun” written on the back. The audience assumes the hypnotic spiral is on both sides.


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