by Jim Rose


Borrowed Hair


The fakir shows a long human hair and has a knot tied in it. Several people can try to untie the same knot but they will fail. Fakir does so with ease.

Secret: Knot is tied, not too tightly so as to split the hair, but closely. Hair is placed in the hand across the base of the little finger and nipped there. Palm

of the opposite hand is placed over and the back of the hand lightly nipping the hair is struck sharply against the knees a number of times. On examining the hair, the knot will be found sufficiently loose to  pass ends through and untie.


Yogi Ribbon Stunt


During this act, someone, typically a yogi, eats a ribbon, goes through stomach gyrations, then pulls out the ribbon from the hole in his abdomen, making it appear as though it’s gone the fast track through the digestive system.

Secret: This stunt is based on an illusion. Typically the performer already has a piercing situated an inch to the left of the belly button. And in that hole he has placed a second identical ribbon, which he pulls out after swallowing the first.


Astral Control


The Hindu has been seen to cause a rubber ball or balloon to follow him around the room merely by placing the fingertips on it. This secret is very simple, but also little known. Stroke an inflated balloon with a silk handkerchief. This places charge on the surface. As the charge on the balloon is attracted to neutral bodies, it will readily approach the hand extended toward it. Under the best conditions, it may even follow a person around the room until the charge is dissipated.


Ghandi’s East Indian Miracle


Termed a miracle effect, this should be appreciated by performers seeking unusual effects. Every magician and mystery entertainer wants to be different, wants to be able to give himself a distinctive reputation.

Being different isn’t necessarily being original. This effect does fall in the seemingly impossible class. In your Editor’s opinion, it was undoubtedly used by disloyal draftees during the war and undoubtedly proved a puzzle to many doctors. It can be done almost impromptu and used as a full act, a spirit test, or a test of mediumship. It is possible to obtain wide publicity with it, but it should be remembered that this feat, like all the feats described in these pages is not a plaything, and the method should be taken seriously and so respected.

The body temperature is made to rise several degrees and the heart to beat at a rapid rate. The astute performer would present this to a news office for publicity before a group of doctors. The effect should be followed exactly as described.

Take a piece of common yellow laundry soap about the size of a quarter and eat it. Follow this by drinking a cup of hot tea. That is all there is to it.


The rest works itself. After a few minutes the body  temperature will start upward and the pulse beat will increase. This condition will stay with you for a period of about twenty-five hours or less. No amount of examination can disclose the means used.

It can be readily seen that the very simplicity makes this a crushing masterpiece for publicity work.


The soap may taste terrible, but the spectators will think you’re wonderful. Nearly all Hindu effects are based on seemingly absurd methods. But it is absurd methods that create sensations.

This effect came from a real Hindu mystic. After the demonstration the performer should rest until the effects of his dosing subsides.


Where’s The Beat?


Here’s a great feat where the pulse is supposedly stopped by using willpower.

Here is the secret: Beforehand, secure a tennis ball under your naked armpit. Ask someone from the audience to locate and feel your pulse beat. Tell him to signal as soon as he doesn’t feel it anymore.


Now secretly press your arm on the ball. This will apply a steady pressure against the artery supplying the pulse. The person will therefore feel the pulse slowly stopping.  When the pressure of the arm reaches a certain level, the pulse beat will no longer be felt, and the spectator will signal to the audience that the beat has ceased. Then slowly release the pressure on the

ball to make the pulse beat come back.


This effect is usually used in trance scams.


The Babylonian Mystery


Also known as the “Power of the Orient,” this is a little known and interesting scientific fact and makes a novel demonstration. Performer patters about the control of the mind through hypnotism. Both human beings and animals are subject to these mystic powers. And now, he says, he can control flowers!


To prove this statement, he passes his hands over a bouquet of flowers and they visibly wilt!


The secret of this unusual effect lies in the application of an anesthetic to the flowers. The scientific laboratories have noted that flowers, too, are subject to sleep producing drugs as well as human beings.



Carnations are considered the best subject and the  spray used for it is a spray that the performer has concealed in his coat sleeve is ethylene chloride. It is said that only one part in 18,000,000 will influence the carnations. Other anesthetics have been used, such as ether and chloroform.


Presented in a proper setting and manner, with an air of mystery worked into the patter, this can be quite effective.

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