by Jim Rose


Swami Gimmicks


These apparatus are widely used for predictions when you pretend to write something beforehand.

The writing is actually done with these devices while the choice is made. There are different varieties to suit everyone’s finger and/or need depending on the trick.


The Thumb Tip: Made of plastic, rubber or aluminum, it is shaped to fit over the thumb and is painted flesh colored. It is used to conceal or switch scarves, lit cigarettes, rolled dollar bills, etc.


The Thumb Tip Writer: It is a thumb tip that has a small pencil lead attached to the end of the thumb for writing. There are different types depending on the position of the lead. It can be placed on the tip or underneath the thumb. It has to fit well enough so that it is easy to put on and take off. Choose the one that will give you the most comfort and control when writing. Make sure the lead is not too long or it will break. I suggest to secure it by gluing it; this will prevent it from pushing inside the tip when you write.


You can find other varieties of “nail writers” at your local magic shop. Some in the shape of a half ring will fit under the nail, others slip under the index or thumb with the help of adhesive, etc.


When handling one of these devices, act naturally, since you’re the only one aware of it, don’t draw attention to it. If you’re not wearing it already for the trick, make sure that you have easy access during the performance. To be safe, always carry two of them on you in case one is lost or the lead breaks.


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