by Jim Rose


The most common blindfold is just a regular four inch wide by ten inch long piece of satin or velvet with an elastic band sewn on each side that keeps the blindfold comfortably tight around the head. You canít see through straight, but if you frown and raise the eyebrows while itís placed on top of your eyes, you can see very well down your nose.


Another blindfold that can be used is a regular handkerchief or bandana. Fold it by rolling two opposite corners toward each other, leaving a one inch gap in the middle so you can see through one thickness of fabric.


See illustration:



Magic stores sell tricked blindfolds. For example one mask has two tiny holes that canít be seen by the audience.


When holding this mask, make sure that no bright light is behind you, or it will show through the holes.


Some mediums use a blanket or sheet for a blindfold, but in fact they donít want to be seen. This pretty much allows them to do something like using a small flashlight to read or write messages.


In other cases, mentalists use a bag put over their head. The way it works is by sewing two bags together, a thick one inside a thin one with one side unsewn. When putting the bag on, they peel the thick unsewn layer back leaving them with just the thin bag that is easy to see through.


The same principle can be achieved by using twobags; the thick one is examined by the audience, and at the opportune time, they switch with the second one which is thin enough to see through. You need good sleight of hand for this one.


The bag blindfold is usually used by performers who need glasses to see but prefer not to wear them on stage. The glasses are placed inside the bag beforehand; the performer puts them on when his head is inside the bag, and leaves them there when removing it. Personally, I like using the blindfolds given by the airlines. They work perfectly.


A novel approach to the blindfold act is to put a bucket over your head. Make sure you can see well through it before using it in public, or those around you will sense your blindness and have a good oldtime slapping the bucket around! Normally that would be okay; there is very little chance of getting hurt, but since your ears are in there, the incredible noise could make you go deaf. In any case this unorthodox approach could be very good for breaking the ice, and you have a bucket to put it in!



As for everything else, practice a few times with any blindfold so that the routine looks good. Donít be obvious, since you can see through it, donít forget to act like you canít! Remember one thing, with any blindfold, have your eyes closed before putting it on and when taking it off. This little trick psychologically seals the deal for the audience.


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