by Jim Rose


Animals Can be Hypnotized


Guinea Pig:  Make it dizzy by rolling it around for a couple of seconds, then place it on its back. It should remain still until you blow on its nose.


Lobster: Make it rest on its claws by holding the tail up until it becomes completely still. To get it to stop snoring, just put it back on its feet and let go.


Frog: Put it on its back and hold it in that position for a few seconds. Carefully remove your hand, and you’ll see the frog sleeping. To stop the effect, snap your fingers and quickly flip it back onto its feet.


Rabbit: Place it on its back and pin it down by putting one hand on the ears and the other on the back legs.  Expect the rabbit not to like this, but do not let go until you feel the final quiver. This usually takes about 30 seconds. But hey, if you’re doing this you must have all day to waste! To bring the rabbit out of its nightmare, roll it on its side and give a good puff on the nose; it will hop away to tell all its friends.


Chicken: Grab the chicken by the neck, force its head down onto a table, take a piece of chalk and draw a two-foot straight line starting from the beak.  Let  go and it will not move. To get your chicken to stop counting sheep, erase the line and clap your hands close to its head.


Reminder: If you have been dancing with the chicken ahead of time, do not forget to remove the tape!


Header adapted from - The cover of James Taylor's Shocked & Amazed Volume 5 - Jim Rose Spidora by Mark Frierson.


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