by Jim Rose

Kangaroo Boxing & Other Animal Stunts


The red male roo is the largest of the kangaroo family; he stands over six feet tall. The fists are not your problem because he will balance on the back of his tail and use his powerful bottom feet to spring you into next week.


Ever wanted to fight a monkey? Back in the fifties, before lawsuits flourished and it was deemed cruelty to man, they had ape fighting. Anyone who got rough with a gorilla, had their clothes ripped off and became humiliated in the nude.  Itís what happens when you get whipped around

like a rag doll.


Ever wanted to dance with a stripper monkey? Animals donít want to wear clothing, but monkeys can do something about it. They can take them off. So, after youíve dressed your monkey, quickly put the music on and cha-cha-cha.


Itís easier to dance with a chicken. Put a little piece of Scotch tape under one of its feet, and watch it kick.


Now letís get back to old-time animal challenges:


The scariest of them all has to be bear wrestling. I have never seen or heard of a legitimate contest ever taking place. When a bear wrestling act hits town, drunken frat boys goad each other into the ring.  Once there, they look across and see a big, real, live bear. So they usually dance around a little bit and run out of the ring.


Some circuses make their elephants turn left or right by using a marksman hidden in the rafters to shoot them with a BB gun on cue. Ouch, you jerk!


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