A photograph of the left hand of Nikola Tesla has been submitted to a professional palmist, and he, without knowing to whom the had belonged, tells what his art teaches him of the original.  Mr. Tesla photographed his own hand last week by means of light from his wonderful perfected vacuum tubes, and he kindly consented that the picture should be submitted for a "reading."


The picture, without marks or other indications as to whose hand it was, was submitted to Sir Henry Onequi, who was not given any intimation as to the identity of his subject.  Here is what he says, and the reader may draw his own conclusions:-


By Sir Henry Onequi, Palmist.

THIS palm indicates a person who has a remarkable amount of willpower and a great deal of energy.   The head line would indicate a very shrewd and active mind; a person who could be capable of becoming a great leader, while the heart line would indicate a remarkable degree of love.

Great feeling and great duration is shown by the life line, although this line, being the one line running toward the Mount of Mercury, would indicate that the person should be quite a philosopher.


The line of Venus being so strongly developed would indicate a great lover of the opposite sex, although the head line seems to hold this in check.  We find that the person would be liable to suffer the latter part of life through heart trouble, which may be quite severe.


The fate line would indicate great success, but as I only have one hand to read from these statements are subject to a change, because I have not the other hand to verify them.  Travels are shown very distinctly.  That the person should be one who would be very just and honorable in all dealings is shown.  He is one who could not be driven one step, but could be led by kindness to the extremes through life.


The hand also indicates a great many changes to be brought about, and it looks as if these changes were brought about through the influence of others.  The palm indicates that the person would make great success in financial affairs, although there is shown financial affairs, although there is shown one very heavy loss.


There should be two marriages in life.  Domestic relations should be very happy.  One heavy loss by fire is indicated by the cross.  One great gain, brought about through personal perseverance and will power, is shown, which is to be of great satisfaction.  The person should have one great gain through a change made in the latter part of life.


This person would not be one to be trifled with, should be a great lover of justice and make success as an orator.


I would be pleased to see the other hand to verify these statements.

New York Herald January 16, 1898 

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