Frank McKeown (1883-1962)

An entertainer, McKeown lost both arms in an explosion and traveled widely, giving exhibitions of what he could do with no arms, such as playing baseball and pool.

Frank McKeown, originally from Passiac, New Jersey, suffered a loss of both arms due to a rubber factory accident at the age of thirteen.



He did not let that stop him, though, and became a champion to disabled people all over the country. Mr. McKeown became an armless baseball player in the early 1900s and parlayed that experience into traveling exhibitions later in life.



He traveled to veterans' hospitals, or towns with many veterans, after World War I, and taught them that life goes on.



He also taught them how to do basic things: shaving, eating, combing hair, and brushing teeth. In addition, he put on baseball, basketball, bowling, and wrestling exhibitions for the town folks to see from the 1910s to 1930s. McKeown, who finally settled in Stephenville, Texas, passed away on October 5, 1957


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