The most Awesome FREAKSHOW experience you can have on a Roadside in Canada!




Portrait of Prof. Crookshank on side of Showman's Caravan.


Sideshow Banner AMAZING


Back of Showman's Caravan


Mask on back of Caravan


Door Knocker on Showman's Caravan


Doors to the distillery on Showman's Caravan


Grimmtuggly Caterpillar in Souvenir and ART Shop


Clown selling Shrunken Heads




Carnival Diablo Limited Edition prints for sale


Some Grimmtuggly Art


Grimmtuggly Faery


Grimmtuggly Portrait #1


Grimmtuggly Portrait #2


Grimmtuggly Portrait #3


Grimmtuggly Jack in the Box


Victorian Magic Fetish Box


Do Not Touch Sign


Do You Dare Enter the Realm to the Unknown... well, DO YOU?


No Smoking...


That's Right.... WE izzz OPEN!


Lanterns flanking the doorway to the FREAKSHOW


Grandpas 1930 Horn Speaker... still kicking it in LOUD!


Showman's Caravan Wagon Wheels


Carnival Diablo WORLD of WONDERS Sign



EVERYONE deserves to experience the Last Freakshow Roadside Attraction in Canada!


This is going to be one HELL of a summer! And as a added bonus, I will have my Showman's Caravan set up for all to see!


Roadside Attraction!!!


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