Charlie Campbell




One year the Houston Shrine Date had rides and shows set up in the area where the animals were kept.

Charlie had his show booked there me and Smokey spent many an hour cutting up jackpots and being entertained.

Besides Marie he had pickled snakes, shrunken heads and lots of circus pictures and memorabilia.

If business was slow he would keep the casket closed and when stragglers came in he would wait until they asked, "Can we raise the lid?" He would solemnly say, "The casket will open automatically in 11 seconds." He had a concealed button that he would press and if any of the squeamish reacted he would ask excitedly, "Did she move?" and if there was any uncertainty he would get a pencil and paper and take their names and addresses explaining all such events were immediately reported to the Mayo Clinic. After they left he would toss it in the trash and resume his conversation with me and Smokey.



Charlie was once playing a Shopping Mall and got rousted by the Police who claimed  a neighbor was complaining she could smell the body.


Here's a shot of him atop "Alice" at what appears to be the York, SC quarters


Charlie Campbell

Carson & Barnes Circus 1981 Ted Bowman, Charlie Campbell, D.R. Miller, Bob Brisbane and Richard Reynolds.


Courtesy of Buckles Blog

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