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Risque Hurly Burly Hootchie Cootchie Dancers

of Professor G. W. Van Sideshow Burlesque


Professor G. W. Van presents his talent is this, frankly, remarkable group of photographs I was able to purchase recently. They are unusual not only for the content, which shows a pleasant afternoon full of hurly-burly, hootchie-cootchie and risqué behavior for the time, but also splendid examples of period dress, gentlemen when hats were virtually required (even for dusty fairgrounds) and a wonderful group of original painted sideshow banners.

The same banners are shown elsewhere in a photograph dated 1915.

Prof. G.W.Van was from Lockhaven, PA according to one of my heroes A. Stencil, who promised me an interview once but I am too intimidated. His book
Seeing is Believing is essential for anyone interested in sideshow history (or simply a good book)

I don't watermark items from my collection posted, but credit appropriately if you repost.

The New York State Historical Association in Cooperstown owns a photo of the same touring troupe

Group of Original Photographs Anonymous circa 1915 G.W. Van sideshow

Collection Jim Linderman



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