This is Chief.....Always


with it and for it


Inquire at the cook house

A game of skill...Put


'em in boys...It's easy


The Big Eli on

the levee at

Memphis Tenn....

The commander in

chief of the ducat



The animal showfront.

A swell front for a

swell show


This is Roy Stevens

the Simon Legree of the big lion act.

They would like to eat him.





John Robinson

of the animal show....


Colonel Gowdy's

famous pit show

Entertainers...not freaks....


Taking on eats at

carnivaldom's "best

of all" cook house....


Over The Falls


"Pete" and his little

performing pony....


The Whip at

Memphis Tenn....


Oh dear! Arabella,

you are always trying

to do such absurd things....


The circus side

show at Memphis....


Laugh and be merry

today....Tomorrow the

sheriff may get us....








Telling the natives

about the great and

wonderfull "Dylo"....




China Town


On the bally at the

Hawaiian village....



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