In the panopticon there are Kings and Queens, political exhibits, also included are well known actors of athletes.  Just added are famous criminals, almost no major Panoptikum are missing.  A special section for medical anomalies, i.e., people with birth defects or special stature.  There are, Siamese Twins, Arm and Legless people, Small Stature and Giants all have repeatedly been the subject of wax replicas, even for this shows, in a special section for adults only is are "Anatomical Cabinets: showed mostly, the information on diseases and their risks.  Today's Wax Museums, whether a rare traveling exhibition or a stationary museum have become a part of the cultural history and find a interested audience.  In this exhibition  there are wax figures of most of the anatomical abnormalities of the living and people who have lived.  Among several of the figures exhibited are from the Guinness Book of Records.

The figures are extremely lifelike and made from a special beeswax.  They have natural body sizes, real human hair and the eyes are those use for medicinal implants. All figures are dressed in period clothing.







Freaks in Wax a great museum traveling in Europe:



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