My grandfather started the show in 1902, his name was Joe J. Teska. He was a chief engineer on a locomotive on the railroad, after working all day he would come home and work on the show.


The first show my grandfather made he located it on a lot he rented close to his home.

He had such a good attendance more folks came then lived in Winona. So he thought he would take the show on the road. So he sent it out with one of his friends and he never did find out what happened to that show.


He started working on his second show then he and my grandmother took it out. As I remember it took him twelve or fifteen years to complete the second show. Back in the day they took the show out on two trucks, they would back the trucks up to one another leaving 20 feet of space in between the trucks where they would set the show up running a canvas top between the two trucks to provide the show with cover.



This is just the beginning of the Wonderful history of Joe J. Teska and his family. We plan to present here in photographs and words the history of the show as it developed over many years from the Mechanical Show which was started by Joe Sr. then operated by his two sons. We will be exploring other shows that his grandson and his wife had on the road. We have hundreds of images to share. I would like to thank Joe Teska Jr. for sharing the history of this remarkable family and John Strong III for taking his time to scan and share the images with us so we can share them with you on Sideshow World. We have much more to come!




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