Paul Szauter

Images from the 2009 Sideshow Gathering



Tyler Fyre and Thrill Kill Jill of the Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow




Reggie Bugmucher of Olde City Sideshow




Danny Borneo Olde City Sideshow puts out a Cigar on his Tongue




Diner has arrived for Reggie Bugmuncher




Reggie Bugmuncher starts with an Earthworm Appetizer




Reggie Bugmuncher of Olde City Sideshow

 contemplates the fragile heart of Martin Ling




Tears of glass cannot heal Martin Ling's heart




Oh, the humanity! Martin Ling of Olde City Sidehow Weeps into Broken Glass




Reggie Bugmuncher of Olde City Sideshow Removes the Sword from Martin Ling




Danny Borneo of Olde City Sideshow can't Bear to Watch the next Target




Danny Borneo of Olde City Sideshow uses a Bullwhip

to Cut another Flower held by Reggie Bugmuncher




John Shaw Hypnotizes the Crowd



John Shaw begins to Perform Eyehooks



Here you go!


Here's looking at you!



Oh..oh my...he's swinging the bucket...



That's awful!




Chris McDaniel prepares to open with Gun Spinning




Chris McDaniel slides it back in the Holster after some Fancy Spinning




Professor Fountain prepares the Ladder of Swords




Professor Fountain Slices a Carrot before Climbing the Ladder of Swords




Professor Fountain climbs the Ladder of Swords




Jim Stilianos appears to have the lead in a balloon-inflating contest




Gwyd and Sylver introduce the Victor Mousetrap- the Cadillac of Mousetraps




Gwyd the Unusual thpeaks with a Mouthtrap on hisTongue




Sylver Fyre Chops a Cuke on Gwyd the Unusual



"I am Sylver, Hear Me Roar!"




Sylver Fyre is ready to try Snake Charming,

as taught by the most Dangerous Book in the World




Sylver Fyre's Dance Skills are Tested At Teh




Roxanne gives the Straitjacket Escape a Bit of a Wiggle




Roxanne Doubles Back




Mace of the Crispy Family Carnival Undertakes Tearing a Phone Book in Half




Crispy Nails




Crispy finishes the Job




Roxanne Works the Racket




Thrill Kill Jill Sparkles




Will Our Hearts Burst from Joy before the Balloon Breaks?


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