Professor Sprocket

at the 2009 Sideshow Gathering



The one and only Tyler Fyre and the incomparable Professor Fountain.


The uncanny, unbelievable Gwyd the Unusual and the

Stunning Sylver Fyre: the Knotty Bits Sideshow!


 Professor Sprocket, Talker of Renown, takes the stage.


 The Professor lectures on one of P.T. Barnum's original FeeJee Mermaids.


 Sprocket takes to the midway as a Weight Guesser.



Sprocket has a screw loose, and operates with a household screwdriver.


 The Professor makes his final point.


The finest emcee and host you'll ever dream of.


 The Crispy Family Carnival announces their latest addition.


The Crispies also have a new Strong Man, Mace.


 Mace Does the Deed


 All I can tell you about the blowoff, is that women will faint,

children will scream, and grown men will shout "Oh my God!"


Jill prepares for the miracle of being reborn!


 The Assembled Masses, including Casey Severn,

Gwyd the Unusual, and Harold Jenkins.


The One, the only, the original and still the best, Swami Yomahmi.

 Swami Yo gives a thumbs up...


And jabs straight pins into his thumb


The kindest, smartest, most generous man in Sideshow: Doctor Wilson.


 I forgot to mention how talented he is


 The incomparable Doctor Wilson prepares for the unbelievable Bullet Catch!


The Sideshow comedy styling of Coney Island Chris

are hilarious and like nothing you've seen before


The incredible John Shaw has a big head...

no, that's a little head...and a lot of great routines


I'm a total fan-boy when it comes to Chris McDaniel --

you won't believe the things this wonderful man can do


Chris tying up Reggie


Johnny Mayhem drops the blade


What a great audience -- we always save our best shows for them!


The fabulous Mr. Crispy again.


Mace proves it's a hard way to make an easy living.


Doctor Wilson's Memory Elixir is a blend of 30 different herbs and root vegetables.


 It also strengthens the verves and effectively wards off cataleptic neuroplexy. 

Thanks for everything, Doc!


Our Guest of Honor: the right honorable Dick Johnson


The phenomenal, fascinating...


..mastery of Harley Newman



Harley presp a blade with no handle, just solid steel.                 Harley drops the blade   



Twenty human blockheads on stage performing at the same time


We now hold a World Record for Most Simultaneous Blockheads.


What a great group for the 1st Annual Mass Blockhead Action.



Tyler drops not one but two blades for your perverse entertainment.


Jill climbs into that coffin-shaped cabinet of death known as the Blade Box.


Tyler will bisect the box in every conceivable angle direction with solid steel blades.


 The blades go into the top and out of the bottom, all the way through the blade box




 Just a couple of blockheads -- Walt Hudson and the Professor.



Just one last attraction to pitch in NEPA - The World's Biggest Cow!


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