A first look at the 2009 Sideshow Gathering




Master of Ceremonies Tyler Fyre




Zamora pushes a skewer through his left bicep.  One is already through

his right forearm, and a third will soon go through the floor of his mouth.




Zamora the Torture King relaxes on a bed of broken glass

while he lets volunteers do all the work.




Chris McDaniel wows the crowd by twirling a rope over the heads

of the people in the first three rows.



Chris McDaniel, singing cowboy and one-man Wild West Show.




John Shaw directs a volunteer from the audience to pour a pitcher of water

into a bucket hanging by chains attached to hooks in his eye sockets.

The volunteer looks like she's about to throw up because she is




Coney Island Chris discovers that performing is easier when

one of your hands isn't caught in a leg hold trap.




Doc Wilson is about to get shot in the face.



Swami Yomahmi regrets having skipped a step in the "pins pushed into thumb" trick.




Thrill Kill Jill about to be born again.

 Walt Hudson is gonna get splashed with the amniotic fluid!



The Crispy Family Carnival demonstrates things you shouldn't do with Space Saver bags




Professor Sprocket has a screw loose, and is trying to

tighten it via a screwdriver in the nose.




Gwyd the Unusual does not think that cute cuddly Boa Constrictors

 have a very menacing stage presence for snake charming



Sylver Fyre attempts to charm an albino Burmese Python.



Sylver Fyre prepares to pop some balloons.


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