Princess Victoria the smallest adult woman in the world when this was taken in Sydney, Australia in 1910.  She with her two chauffeurs.


Grata, the famous little German midget woman and posing with normal sized man.  She was 19 when this was taken some several years back.  BLK



This midget of Henrietta Morits when she was 24 years old and shown with her parent. BLK


Lia Graff, the little German woman midget who was famous in the early 1930's is the midget who sat on the lap of the late J. P. Morgan during a court recess. BLK



Showing Lolletta, the smallest mother in the world. Shown with her little carriage and miniature team and with her son, Paul K Boykins, was then 7 and girl Lorie E. Boykins who was 13.  Both of these children were born in by Caesarian section.  The old lady has now retired and lives in Florida.


Lucia Zarate the smallest woman in the world, greatest wonder of the age! Senorita Zarate, the Mexican Lilliputian!  This young lady is 12 years of age 20 inches high and weighs only 5 pounds!  Is Perfect in form and feature!  Tom Thumb is a Giant compared with her.  This Wonderful Mexican Pigmy: it would be difficult to exaggerate the wonder of this human curiosity.  The plain truth makes it strange enough.  You must see her and feel, and even then you will leave wondering.



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