Mary Ann Bevan She was billed as the homeliest woman in the world when this was taken and when she was with the Dreamland Circus Sideshow in 1926 BLK.


Grace McDaniels. The label reads" Grace McDaniels, the so called Mule Faced woman and for reasons which are most obvious in this shot. She is the homeliest woman in the world today but she is married and the mother of a fine young son of about 17 years of age. This shows her when with Cavalcade of Amusements in 1947 BLK.




Flip, the frog boy as he was in 1936 with Hagenbeck-Wallace circus sideshow. He had a normal sized body but his legs were so small that in order to get around, he had to hop like a frog. He played the saxophone BLK.


Lavonda. The label reads" Lavonda, the living half woman seated on the lap of her husband, Alva Evans, clown. Both were with and snapped when with Sparks Circus, 1947 BLK.



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