People say that the Asylum had closed because something terrible happened one night in October. The townsfolk don't want to talk about it. Nobody has gone in since 1957. But now there is a light shining in the window of the asylum and someone needs to investigate it. Are you brave enough to enter The Asylum?

Carnival Diablo presents the most horrifying walk into a realm of total insanity... this place is not haunted... it is infested with something worse!

Join Doctor Rigormorto as he takes you on a guided tour of his Asylum... your safety lies in his hands.




The FULL cast and crew of The ASYLUM!


Doctor Rigormorto said many times that 'Clowns are not following him'.


The Doctor could not stop her from screaming....


She is in denial about all of the people she had killed...


Cannibalism was just one of his vices...


Her appetite was insatiable... and even more people went missing.

She only loved DEAD things....


She had the mind of a child... but the instincts of a killer


Doctor Rigormorto prepares for some Basement Surgery...


Her voice box was removed because of her incessant laughter


The Doctors knew how to treat the patients


Doctor Rigormorto will make sure that all of his patients are medicated... and eaten


The Cast


Carl Tucker, Carole Dyck, Barb Buchanan, Jessica Silver, Lynn Lundy Tucker, Jody Ferguson, James Cairns, Rachel 'Robotika' Seal, Ginny Huether and Neal Pruden at Carnival Diablo presents The ASYLUM.

Photo credit Robert MacDonald
Photo manipulation by Scott McClelland


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