Stephen G Brenner Collection



Images circa 1945 from the personal archive of Stephen Brenner who was  

Bozo the Clown from Maryland.

Brenner traveled across Europe in 1916 with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.




Joan Whisnant

Armless Musician

Freak Show Carlins Park Season 1945

Dolly Scharver, Petrified Lady and Stephen G. Brenner





       Carlins Park Season 1945

       Lewistons Freaks Feature

     Grace McDaniels,

     Mule Faced Woman

        Beatty Broadbent

           Tattooed Lady





         Grady Stiles, Jr.

        Pittsburgh, Penn.

     Steve Brenner & Junior Styles

 Lobster Boy, Lewistons Freaks 1945





           Frieda Pushnik

      Percilla The Monkey Girl

     Pitch Booklet





Percy Pape




Stephen Brenner with Two Aztec Children






Compliments of Sealo Ringling Bros. Circus 1949

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