A stranger has come to town, bringing with him mysteries from the far reach's of another time and place. A purveyor of wonderment, that promises you the world... for a price.

The excitement builds as I draw closer to unveiling this New Production and Attraction. So much time has gone into building and creating this colorful, alternate reality. Years of study and practical experience have gone into this New creation of a world that I once played in when I was a young man.

Prof. Crookshank's Traveling Medicine Show began as my first real production in 1979. I was fascinated with the Vaudeville time period and had witnessed in 1977, Sid Lorraine perform his 'Amazing Fraznia' routine at my first magic convention with my grandfather. The idea that a man, a stranger, could peddle medicines and unusual inventions to the public, seemed both amazing and sinister.

In 1979, I went to Los Angles for my first time and witnessed at Knotts Berry Farm, a full stage production of an old time Medicine Show, complete with a Showman's Caravan as a backdrop. The performer was hilarious and reminded me of a mix between Willy Wonka and the Great Oz from The Wizard of Oz.

From that moment onward I had it in my mind that I would create my own Medicine Show, to travel to carnivals for entertainment. I ran my Medicine Show from 1979 to 1991 and played at the Calgary Stampede and many other Carnivals and Fairs all over Western Canada.

Flash forward to 2011... Prof. Crookshank's Traveling Medicine Show is almost ready to hit the road. This production will be huge in size and scope, bringing with it opportunities to build even a larger world as time goes on.




Trust Me... Your Head May Look this Small... but with a Bottle of My Miracle Elixer, Your Head will be HUGE!  Hell, I've Been Drinking it for Years.




3 Card Monte with 4 Cards




Drink my Miracle Elixer.... it Tastes so DAMN Good!




Prof. Crookshank has a Warning for the Parents...




This Lady is Trying Out My Crookshank Vegetable Chopper!





A Disgruntled Customer





And Now a Very Happy Customer!




Making some Crookshank Shampoo....





A disaster Thwarted by Prof. Crookshank...





Prof. Crookshank has Designs to RULE THE WORLD one day... just keep Watchin' the Pretty Spiral.




Photos Courtsey of Scott  McClelland




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