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A collection of historic Photographs - by Nick DeWolf

Nick DeWolf was born in Philadelphia, later a Bostonian and later still a "hall of fame", fountain-designing aspenite, Nick DeWolf was a unique, inspiring, engaging and curious soul. co-founder of Boston's Teradyne corporation, Nick was also a lifelong, extremely passionate and talented photographer.

As a photographer, Nick was ever ready and ever present, leaving behind many thousands of pre-digital images, dating well back into the 1950's. he carried a camera with him at all times, usually a family of cameras. if you knew Nick, you got used to this...eventually, he'd be pointing his camera at you.


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I think that the above show was probably the prettiest show we ever had.  Bobo Francis Duggan was a great entertainer and a fine gentleman to work with. He was with us for many years, first on the unit managed by Dick Johnson and then we flew him into Indianapolis from Bangor Maine to replace Albert Short on Chris's unit.  Bobo retired and lived several years at his hometown, Green Bay, Wis.


Frances Cook "The Giant Girl" was a good attraction in the show, and also was the driver of my Cadillac Limousine over the road. Passengers besides me were Barbara Bennett "The Worlds Smallest Mother and Daughter" with her daughter Ann, and her husband Ed. A joy Group that made the jumps a fun ride.


After 77 Chris built a beautiful trailer for Barbara and she was in a single O for seven years. Then we sold her the trailer and she worked that and two other grind shows of ours as a unit which Chris booked fairs. She did this for several years, sold the trailer show and they retired to St Peters burg, Fl where she passed away on Christmas Eve several years ago, Barbara's devoted husband Ed is in St. Pete and daughter Annie is a schoolteacher in public school there... I believe that Frances the giant girl did work a season as a guess your age agent, either before or after being with us, then opened a beauty salon in some city.?


Front talkers that year were Jerry Ross, who later operated a grind show unit for several year for us then quit the road do to poor health, and had several years in San Antonio, Tex. Jerry and I took some vacations in Europe in his final years. He was a fun person to be with, and an astut business manager. Also talking the front that year were John Red Trower, who now lives in Houston, Tx., Chris also talked the front. The talkers and bally people worked an hour on the bally and two off.


Ward Hall


    Texas State Fair - Dallas -1977 - Photographs by Nick DeWolf   All rights reserved

1- Strange People - Ward Hall-Chris Christ Show

13- Amazed Crowd

2- Bally Stage - Ward Hall-Chris Christ Show

14- Crowd on the Inside

3- Bally Stage - Ward Hall-Chris Christ Show

15- Emmett Blackwelder - Ward Hall

4- Bally Stage - Girl on Stage

16- Emmett Blackwelder - The Turtle Boy

5- Midget Snake Wrestler Banner

17- Emmett Blackwelder - The Turtle Boy

6- Rubberman Boy & Human Volcano Banners

18- Emmett Blackwelder - The Turtle Boy

7- Francis X Dougan - Bobo the Rubberman

19- Audience on the inside

8- Francis X Dougan - Bobo the Rubberman

20- Shocked and Amazed on the Inside

9- Francis Cook Giant Lady

21- Bruce Snowdon - Fatman work for Ward Hall

10- Pete Turhurne aka Little Pooba - Giant Francis Cook

22- O. D. Pedrero's Bigfoot Show

11- Little Pooba - Giant Francis Cook

23- Monster Snake Show

12- Pete Turhurne Iron Tongue - Giant Francis Cook

24- Princess Uraana the Ape Girl


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