"Mysterious Sideshow Museum"


Jeff and Sue Murray's new "Mysterious Sideshow Museum" made it's first opening at the El Monte Spring Fair in Southern California on April 3rd. The show features a fifty foot bannerline front designed by show artist Kevin Gerrone, with over forty strange and freaky exhibits on the inside.


Due to time restrictions, additional flashing and gingerbread on the front were not completed in time for the event, but will be added later for the fair route which begins July 1st.


The show was well received by the public, and crowds were good.  Two days were lost because of unusual rainy weather in the area.  The unit is being operated by sons Nick and Chris Murray, with Chris staying on for the tour later this year.


The shows full route will be available at Sideshow World soon.






Photographs courtesy of Jeff Murray

1...Nick Murray in Ticket Box

2...Show front

Additional photos of front

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