This is the First Article about The Carnival Diablo Festival of Wonders!  Ottawa SUN- June 23rd 2011

by Tom Van Dusen




Building the Game Joints from scratch... this is going to be an amazing Victorian Styled Fantasy Festival!




Darryl, our primary carpenter. Working on making more Game Joints, he has been so helpful getting the Festival details built!




Jess starts laying down color on the Game Joints




Jess and her family get in on the action... the Family that plays together, well you know what I mean....




Unloading the Showman's Caravan at the Carnival Diablo Festival of Wonders




Setting up the World of Wonders at the Festival




Setting up the roof area of the World of Wonders




Taking a break and having a soda. YUM!




This is the FIRST poster for The Carnival Diablo Festival of Wonders...

































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