Inside of my Caravan are Creatures of Every Shape and Size...have your Tickets Ready!


Upper Canada Village

August 6th and 7th 2011


Prof. Crookshank's Traveling Medicine Show open for business.


Crookshank Making a Point with a Child.


Children and Gambling... it don't get any Better than this!


Another Show... Beware of Pick Pockets


Another Sticky Predicament

An Explanation


I...... MUST..... KILL ....... IT!!!!


Inside of My Valise is Something that will Interest You All....


Changing the Resonance of the Universe


The East Indian Rope Trick


The Audience Listens to the Professor...


Prof. Crookshank Demonstrating his Miracle Shampoo.

Me and Jess... that's My Girl!

Prof. Crookshank with Two Amazing Tumbling Strongmen!


Prof. Crookshank with the Amazing Tumbling Strongmen Team!


Prof. Crookshank States... They are Amazing!


The Amazing tumbling Strongmen... Defying Gravity!


Prof. Crookshank making deal to buy the two Amazing Tumbling Strongmen with the Ringmaster of Luna Caballara for $5.00


Standing in front of P. T. Barnum's Band Wagon


The Carnival Diablo World of Wonders


Jess with some Pioneer Performers








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