Shock your psyche with unspeakable horrors! Indulge your senses with death-defying delights! Guaranteed to rattle your bones and chill your spirit!

From September 22 to October 31, 2010 Kingston's Fort Fright welcomes Carnival Diablo, Canada's oldest running circus sideshow.

Nikolai Diablo will be on hand as Ringmonster, presenting you with 45 minutes of heart-stopping entertainment. Watch as he performs a stunning array of sideshow feats. Be the first to witness Nikolai Diablo's newest torture device, The Impaler.

This show is loaded with audience participation, so you, too, can become part of the ongoing nightmare.

  Nikolai gets down with the Reaper.

  Nikolai Diablo puts his plan into action...

  Nikolai getting ready to play cards with the gang

  Nikolai caught enjoying a midnight snack.

  Nikolai spends some time with the Witch.

  Nikolai opening Show at Fort Fright Sept.23 2010



Photos Courtsey of Scott  McClelland


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