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avec 2boys.tv, Mobile Home, Mélanie Charest, Pierre Potvin, Peter James, Alma Buholzer, Urbain Desbois, Miss Sugarpuss, D. Kimm, Laszlo Kolozsy et Alexis O'Hara. Ambiance sonore: Martine H Crispo à La Sala Rossa, Montréal, Québec.







Caroline Hayeur's


A resolutely optimistic photographer whose work is influenced by many years in the field, Hayeur's approach is steadfastly humanistic. For more than 15 years, she has been exploring how people become socialized around a certain quest for friendship and rituality. In contrast to paparazzi, she uses her camera to capture a variety of emotions and attitudes.


Hayeur's works, firmly anchored in contemporary art photography, beyond the journalistic context, not chasing down "hot" news but recounting daily life in a unique way with her eye and her montages. Truth is not the objective of her practice. Behind her search for universality, she is determined to make images of the "here and now".


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Images courtesy of Caroline Hayeur/ copyright 2013


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